26th Birthday Brunch!

This past Sunday, my family and I made brunch for my 26th Birthday. I can safely say I can make a mean waffle ... my eggs benedict may still need some work. Here are some photos I snapped of that day!

All the VIPs!

Mark, Gage and Mama ...

I was elated to have my bestest friend, Victoria, and her boyfriend, Aaron, fresh off a plane from Chicago and in our backyard with Aaron's son, Gavin, in tow ...

My Sister and Brother-in-Law BBQ'd some oysters, too!

Butterfly kisses!

more of my nieces being precious...

My GJ (Grandma Joanie) gifted me a special ring that had been handed down to her. When she handed it to me, she said, "I've been waiting until you were an adult to give this to you!" ... I feel like I just passed an exam!


Love, Sarah